Book Review

Patty Pick for 4/11/18 is “No Place I’d Rather Be” by Cathy Lamb

This was such a good book! It had it all – love, mystery, suspense, and family relationships. All the parts of a great read are found within these 402 pages. You will love the quirky characters, or as I refer to them, my sisters by another mother. 

Olivia Martindale ran away and left her home, family and husband in Montana, but she is forced to return. She needs help and she is bringing two little girls, who she desperately wants to adopt, with her. She is struggling to retain guardianship of the girls, whose grandmother left them in her hands to protect them from their jailed, abusive, drug-addicted mother.

Olivia’s family has missed her, her mother, sister and grandmother are excited to have her back. This crazy tribe of strong women work together to figure life out as best they can. I loved the way they used cake and cooking therapy to solve the problem of the moment. They teach us in quiet ways and in loud-in-your-face ways how to handle tough issues like abuse, mental illness and autism. This book will make you cry, laugh, and keep reading until the end. 

With her return home, Olivia also has to face her estranged husband, Jace. She is still in love with him and the very sight of him drives her crazy, but the reason she left will break your heart. While staying in her grandparents cabin, she discovers an ancient cookbook that belongs to her grandmother and reveals amazing and shocking parts of her grandmother’s history. Read this book to find out what happens. You will be glad you did
and you will be singing it’s praise! A solid 5 stars!

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