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Patty’s Pick for 10/25/18 is “The Marriage Lie” by Kimberly Belle

Iris and Will have been married for 7 years and are thinking about starting a family. In fact, they are starting now, right before he leaves for a business flight. He is a highly sought-after programmer and she is a school psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia. Their life looks  perfect. Will unexpectedly turns up on a flight that crashes in a cornfield on the same day he was supposed to fly the opposite direction to Orlando. It’s a flight that no one survives, a flight he was not supposed to even be on, Iris is confused and frozen in grief. 

As her family rallies around her to pick up the pieces, Iris discovers that she has another problem! Her husband is dead and he is not who she thought he was. There are so many lies that she and her brother spend days traveling to other states to find out who he actually is, but they are left with a lot of unanswered questions. Then his boss tells Iris that Will have stolen 4.5 million dollars from his company and they will be coming after her to recover it. Who can she turn to for help? A lawyer who also lost his family on the same plane seems to be her only choice. She met him at the memorial service where she also met a friend of Will’s that she didn’t know he even had. A friend named Corban who wants to help her too. That are so many secrets she can not imagine Will kept from her.  

Corban seems nice and vows to protect and help Iris, as this was his last promise to Will. With strange text messages and even stranger letters turning up to confuse her, who does Iris trust? What is the truth about Will’s past? You have to read to the very last sentence to find out what happens, and you will want to read this one as quickly as possible. I have been wanting to read one of Kimberly Belle’s books for a while now and I’m so glad that I started with this one. “The Marriage Lie” is a solid 5 stars, a keep-you-up-at-night, don’t-stop-reading-yet, kind of book! 

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