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‘sold on a monday’

By: Kristina McMorris


I read this book recently for my wonderful book club. It’s been staring at me from my TBR list for a while now, so I was looking forward to finding out what the hype was all about. It definitely lives up to the interest and accolades it receives online. Once I turned the first page, the prologue grabbed my interest and pulled me in. Who is in the hospital and how did they get here?

Then you hit Chapter 1 and meet Ellis. I fell in love. His youthful innocence and strong moral compass pushes him forward to invest in the lives of the Dillard family. They were the luck of the draw when he needed to replace his original picture of children for sale. Times are hard after the Great Depression and he desperately needs his job as a reporter. He can’t go home and face his family as a failure. He doesn’t want to return to his old life. So Ellis makes a decision that will forever change his life and the Dillards.

We follow along with Ellis and Lily as they try to unravel what happened to the Dilliards – mother and children. Lily is the news chief’s secretary and process a strength that sometimes propels her headlong into danger. She’s caught between Ellis who she’s attracted to and Clayton who offers her stability and kindness. As they find out what happened to the children, you will sneak and tramp along with them to the exciting conclusion.

A solid 4 Stars! I couldn’t put it down as the story spun through the Pennsylvania countryside and the New Jersey streets. Don’t miss the chance to discover a glimpse into the time in our country’s past where children could be sold or given away in an attempt to save them. When people had to scrape by and hard choices were made to survive. When morals and kindness lead a young woman and a young reporter to fight for a family to be reunited.

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