Book Review

The Good Luck Stone by Heather Bell Adams

This book started off with Audrey Thorpe heading to an art exhibit with her granddaughter. At 90+ years old, she has her challenges. But we quickly realize that she has a secret and this exhibit will test her in ways she could not foresee. As it transitions between Audrey’s life now and her experiences as a nurse during World War II, we see her life and the things that shaped her. But as the tension grows, she will be forced to travel to see an old friend before she destroys everything Audrey has worked for.

I really enjoyed the telling of a section of World War II in the Pacific theatre from the viewpoint of a nurse. The description of young people from that era who entered the war for adventure without knowing the true hardships that would be coming, drove the story home. As young Audrey remembers her time and the friends she made, we are drawn further into her life and want to know what she is hiding.

The book will keep you interested until the end and I was pulling for Audrey to accomplish what she decides she must do. And you will want to know the whole truth that is finally revealed. A solid 4 stars!

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