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The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

Wow! What do you say about an author that keeps you coming back to read their books one after the other! I luckily won an ARC (advanced reading copy) of this wonderful historical fiction book from Goodreads. I tore open the package the minute I received it and have been devouring it since.

The Rose Code is another World War II based book with strong female characters who are recruited to break German codes for England during the war at a secret place called Bletchley Park. We soon meet Osla, Mab, and Beth and are drawn into the world they inhabit at the facility.

Osla is a debutante who came back from a safe existence in Canada to serve in the war effort of the country she loved. She speaks fluent German but is relegated to a more secretarial position. She meets and falls in love with a famous prince named Philip of Greece who has his own role to play in England’s history after the war.

Mab, who is dubbed Queen Mab, by her friends is a girl who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and reinvents herself. She is confident and ready to find a husband of means and will let nothing or no one get in her way as she arrives at Bletchley.

Beth is the shy but bright daughter in the household where the two recruits are sent to live. As they get to know her, they will realize her brilliance and get her a job at Bletchley. She will be moved to Dilly’s special section and work on breaking codes.

As the book opens, we find the three fast friends have turned into enemies but are brought together to figure out if a traitor hid amongst their midst at Bletchley Park. Will they break the last code and find out? Kate Quinn once again brings the real life women that she based this story on to life. Along with brilliant story-telling, we are drawn into the war with our brave but human women as they try to figure out if a traitor existed and they missed it. The Rose Code is a solid 4.5 Stars! You will be drawn into the world of the code breakers and ignore everything else as you read to the end.

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