Me at Trinity College Library in Dublin!

My stories are seeded in the South where I grew up. Stories have always been a part of my life, forming me at an early age. Some of my favorite family memories are sitting around a freezer of homemade ice cream and listening to my grandfather spin stories of his youth and my family’s adventures. My father continued that custom on lazy Sunday afternoons sitting under our big oak tree in the backyard. My mom gave me my love of reading. She would take me to the library every week for a huge haul of books. I would check-out the most books that you could at one time and be done with them by the next trip, ready to browse the rows and run my hands along the spines of the books again. I continued the family tradition by making up stories to help our daughter fall asleep when she was small, if our normal book reading ritual at bedtime didn’t get her there.

And now I am writing novels. I write Southern Fiction with a touch of mystery, perfect for your book club or just sitting on your porch with a book. They are books with strong, yet vulnerable women and the people in their lives, their families, their spouses, their friends. Sign up for my newsletter or read through my blog. Below is my first published book. I have a short story in this wonderful Historical Fiction Anthology about Feisty, Brave Women. Check out the Books page. Look forward to sharing more of my writing with you soon.

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