Book Review

Songbirds & Stray Dogs by Meagan Lucas

This story started with Jolene. A child left by her drug-addicted mother on the front steps of her aunt’s home. She was a good person that struggled her whole life to overcome her personal insecurities. One mistake cost her a lot, but she still found a way to make it work against big odds.

Step in Chuck & Cash and a score of other people to help her pick up the pieces. These good people strive hard to beat the world as it’s stacked up against them. Difficult and rocky days are ahead for these group, but they fight on and work to find a happy ending for their situation.

You will like, maybe love them all. I did. They are not perfect but they are real people in a tough situation. I hung on to my seat, I read into the night, and I cried – all the while pulling for them. This is a story of Jolene that always tries to believe in the goodness of people no matter what. This debut novel is not one to miss. A wonderful story that you need to read! 5 stars!

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