Book Review

Dark Blue Waves

By: Kimberly Sullivan

Dark Blue Waves had me at Jane Austen. But after Janet Roberts enters, I became immersed in her life. Her father’s making her choose between no money or a job at his architectural firm. He’s already picked out a husband for her and expects her to fall in line with his way of thinking. Janet loves literature. After her acceptance into a special Jane Austen program, he allows her one last summer to get it out of her system. His only catch is that she will also have to work with one of his architectural clients as an intern at the same time in Bath.

As Jane enjoys a beautiful summer day on the green in Bath, an accidental hit with a cricket ball renders her unconscious. She wakes up in Jane Austen’s time period, but still in Bath, England. A
kind noblewoman, Emma Huntington, takes her in. They develop a deep friendship as Janet, now Lady Jane, tries to adjust to being 200 years in the past. Emma and her stern brother, Sir Edward, allow Jane to stay with them and she’s able to experience the time period and meet some very interesting people, making notes along the way.

Even though Janet’s allowed to stay, Sir Edward lets his disapproval be known. Jane has to tread carefully. She learns what’s expected of a woman during this time in Regency England. At the same time she shows some of the advances she has in her century and helps to improve the life of the family’s tenants and those of her friends. And she begins to fall in love with Sir Edward.

Will Jane ever return to her own time? What’s happening in the future after she was hit by the ball? Will anyone figure out she’s not who she says she is? Will Sir Edward cast her out of the home, leaving her with nowhere to go? There are many questions to answer as Jane works herself through time, making connections along the way. You’ll be reading until the end to find out what happens to Jane! A 5 Star story with a heart of gold.
Thank you to #netgalley for a copy of this book.
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