Book Review

Exiled South

by Harriet Cannon

Lizbeth Gordon’s husband doesn’t come home one day. He dies in a one-car auto accident. That’s not the shocking part. He had a hidden gambling addiction and accumulated a large pile of debt. At least it was hidden from Lizbeth. She’s left with only answers and empty banking accounts, so she put the family home up for sell, helped her two sons return to college, and headed for the family cottage on Folly Island, SC. She needed a quiet place.

This started Lizbeth’s search for healing and understanding that leads her along a winding road ending in the discovery of the long-lost branch of the Gordon family. After accepting a short-term assignment at a private school in Brazil, she discovers a whole part of history she never knew. The Confederados were a large group of Southern citizens who fled to Brazil to escape the wrath of the North after The Civil War. And part of them could be related to her.  

Lizbeth started out just searching for herself, but along the way she uncovered truths about her own family and the way the Civil War effected it. I love to read dual-timeline novels and Harriet Cannon threw in a lesson about the displaced Southern citizens, Confederados. It was really eye-opening for someone from North Carolina who never knew this. Read this wonderful novel and follow along with Lizbeth as she searches for healing and the truth. I highly recommend it! 4.5 Stars!!

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