Book Review

The Winemaker’s Wife

by Kristin Harmel

As I reread the ending few chapters, the tears came again. My husband tells me that he
knows it’s a good book when I cry. The Winemaker’s Wife by @kristinharmel is an excellent book.
It takes place in the vineyards of the Champagne region of France and the U.S. We first meet Ines, in
May, 1940, when she speeds home from Reims to tell her new husband, Michel, that the Germans
are coming. Next we meet Liv, Edith’s granddaughter, when she shows up to whisk Liv away to France
after Liv’s nasty divorce.

There begins the story of Edith, Ines, Michel and Celine, the champagne makers of Chateau Chauveau.
The story follows the Nazi invasion of Frances’ Champagne region as Edith relives her past life, reluctant
to reveal her secrets to her granddaughter. But she must as her time on earth is running out at 99
years old. One of Edith’s lawyers, Julien, takes Liv on tours of the area and help her discover what her
grandmother lived through and triumphed over during and after World War II.

I learned so much about the making of champagne, but more about the undying spirit of the
French people against their German invaders. And I will never drink another glass of champagne
without thinking about the blood, love, and hard work that went and still goes into bringing the
bottles of bubbly to my table.

Ines, Michel, Edith, and Celine fought the Nazis in any way they could. They lived and loved and made
mistakes along the way. I loved the twisting tale and the secrets that Edith revealed and you will, too.
Read this epic story of family, love, triumph over evil, and human endurance. I hope it will make you cry,
too. It’s worth it. A huge 5 Star read!!

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